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« Through Marie-Claude LAMARCHE’s paints, we discover a whole inner world, like through a quiet sea, we discover a wonderful seabed.

There is such a wish of evanescence and uncluttered style in her pictorial universe to go to essential. The sensitivity of the artist is read through her imagination, this carried yourself away from shade to the immensity of a dream.

The artist privileges the light she captures, releases and spreads on her paintings like a source of Life. Her inspiration settles in reality from what she likes to contemplate and to feel. She highlights in her infinite space, a variety of contrasts and values between shades and lights.

She composes with dreams and figuration, lightly suggested. She proposes us this travel from reality to magnificence toward somewhere else.

In her paints, there is always deux major elements: a large freedom of expression, a density and the care to refine and to become more fluid.

In her creative approach, reality takes a symbolic form of an inner reality, a spiritual supplement. We refer to irrational, unspeakable feeling but still related to reality.

Her art is alive and in motion.

The artist has a real talent and a very creative sensitivity. She follows her own inspiration. The notions of space and time are abolished. She wants to come back to the origin of cosmos, where dream is like poetry through magnificence of her art, shining like inner lights.

Autumn and Winter are her favorite seasons and inspire her to create bright and obscure lights. Like a romantic gateway, nature is blurred and hazy, sometimes revived by the light and a particular form of nostalgia. Nostalgia of the lost paradise, evaporated in the front of the eyes of the artist.

There is a halo of mystery and magic in her art, like a fantastic vision. In this dream, we see enigmatic landscapes, emblematic, mysterious, spiritual, pure and lightly suggested through subtle colors.

The artist paints in oil and in acrylic, without pre-planning. She enjoys to play with the fluidity of the materials and to create mark, track and transparence. In a limited color palette, where grey dominates and declines in infinite variations. A prominent place is given to sienna color and black too. This is a voluntary choice, like avoiding to lost herself or to be distracted, she always comes back to the essence of her inspiration.

The artist perfectly succeed to just the right balance in her art, the harmony between the colors, the shapes and the light. As written by Marie-Claude LAMARCHE, she tries to capture the light, to master it and to give it a sensitive and spiritual role. »

Pino NICOLETTI, Art History Professor,

Matera ITALY 2014

Solo Exhibitions


© Marie-Claude LAMARCHE All rights reserved "Tous droits réservés" Toute reproduction, même partielle est interdite sans autorisaton.

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